Not Enough Awareness For Prisoners Families - From Colin

For the Editor. I am writing to your team concerning my thoughts on those suffering with Alzheimer's. My brother is in prison and my Dad has Alzheimer's. My brother is serving a life sentence and my Dad mentions him often and even remembers he is in prison. He has asked me to 'take me to him' possibly meaning that he wants to visit him. My Dad isn't in the later stages of the illness just yet, but he does reside in a care home on a secure residential unit after he had a risk assessment. I can take my Dad out but after a while he becomes restless and wants to go back to the care home. My question is, do I take my Dad to visit his son? Has the Government even considered prisoners families in these predicaments? Because there must be other families in the same situation has mine. I wonder what the statistics are? I also question as to why those suffering from this illness and similar ailments have been forgotten about? I hear so many times people plugging the 'maintaining family ties thing' yet family members like my Dad with an illness are just forgotten about? It's not good enough and I feel that not enough awareness is being raised in certain area's such as this for prisoners families. Regards, Colin. (via email)