Prison Does Not Work - From Eileen


Hi PFV! Can I comment on the post - Don't Send Thieves To Prison.
It was written by a law expert and no doubt many would disagree with me, but I too find prison a waste of time for some offences. I have been a victim of crime, I have been burgled twice and have had kids bikes stolen from my garden. On one of the burglary's, my house was ransacked and they made a holy mess. The criminals were caught and sent to prison. To be honest, I would have rather them come to my house, clean up the mess, decorate it, plaster it and do the big DIY as a punishment alongside maybe a probation supervisor. I would have liked to see them do a few weeks of proper graft instead of sat in a cell smoking dope whilst on a playstation, because I am not daft, that's exactly what they would have been doing! I heard that the criminals got out of prison and committed other similar offences. Obviously, prison doesn't work in their case and it probably never will. There really has to be an alternative to prison for some offences. On a personal note, I do think that prison is too soft otherwise why do people keep on going back? A good days hard labour never hurt anyone so why the soft touch? Regards Eileen