Prison Rehabilitation Is Laughable - From Partner of Ex Prisoner

Hi there guys. My partner has been in prison on and off since the age of 14 - he is now 41. The prison service have never got it right in the form of rehabilitation, otherwise, my partner would have been 'rehabilitated.' The fact of the matter is, when he was 14 and in a secure unit/kids home, he met other criminals, committed more crime when released, and met up with them at HMP throughout the years. What does that tell you? Criminal reunions eat your heart out!
When I used to visit my partner and ask him what he was up to in prison, more often than not he was working as a cleaner on the wing and of a night he would be on his Playstation. That isn't rehabilitation. Mopping floors and landings is not rehabilitation. I do that every day in my house!
That's the laughable thing about it, because when he got released from prison, his probation officers would try and resettle him back in to the community. The thing is, it costs money out here and even when he did top up on his gas and electric meters, he still stayed in the bedroom and played on his games console! Therefore, he may as well be back in prison, minus the gas, electric, TV licence, water rates, food bills and council tax including the rent. Minus all that, he can still play on his console game in prison without worrying about where the next penny is coming from. Before you jump on my case, he tells me this from his own mouth! In the past, he has even said that the only things he misses is me and the walk to the fridge of a night to get a snack! It is a bad attitude yes, but others who have been inside have told me pretty much the same. So come on, you tell me where this 'rehabilitation' garbage comes from? The prison service along with the Government do not have the first clue how to rehabilitate a criminal! If the criminal wants to go straight, he or she will do off their own backs, otherwise forget the likes of probation and the prison service because no disrespect to them, they are clueless! Yours, partner of ex prisoner