Prison Service Do Not Cater For Everyone - From Anonymous

                                             PRISON SERVICE TAKE NOTE


To The Ed. I get angry and annoyed when I read posts concerning families not being able to visit their loved ones in prison because of their age or disability. It's OK people banging on about these prison family days and how great they are, but those family days do not apply to everyone. It gets on my nerves when all we hear are the positives about arranged family days with face painting and buffets etc because the true picture is that not everyone has the opportunity to go to them, unless you are lucky enough to live near the prison your loved one is in. Why don't people talk about the families that cannot visit because basically the Prison Service are too up their own backsides to accommodate the elderly, the disabled, and the children and families that live miles and miles away from the prison? Is it a taboo subject whereas people just want to publicise the great work the Prison Service are doing? What a load of crap! Don't get me wrong, families who are able to attend these family days I am pleased for, I would never deny anyone of that privilege at all, but come, lets play ball here and start talking about the families who are crapped on from a great big height! Good blog by the way! From Anonymous (name supplied)