Probation? - From Mum Of Offender

I think as far as prisoner rehabilitation goes, it is down to the prisoner only. Good supportive families can make a difference, but it really is pretty much down to the individual if they want to turn their life's around. I have read the probation post and I agree with Kathy very much. Prison's and Probation in my view fail miserably. I think the prison's especially are outdated. My son has been in prison 3 times and each time he has done the same courses and obviously each time has been a waste of time. Sorry to all of the probation officers out there, but not a one has been interested in helping my son and each one have said to him that he has to take responsibility for his actions, and I agree with them, but as Kathy says in her post, what is the point of having a probation service? It has been said before, but signing on at a Police station to monitor prison licences would be a better option than turning up at probation for 5 minutes and claiming back a day saver bus ticket for a waste of a journey. Sorry but being a Mum who has been with her son to probation appointments with him, that is my observation.