Probation Is A Flop - By Simon (ex offender)

I read some of the comments by some of the probation officers over on the on probation blog.
They know as well as all of us know that the probation service is a flop with a capital F. I have been on probation myself and looking back it was a place to go and sign on. I was another ex offender who got 5 minutes of their time too and 5 minutes spent there does not clarify to anyone, let alone the Ministry of Justice, that someone on probation is no longer a threat to society. They cannot possibly judge a person in 5 minutes so I agree it is a complete waste of bloody time and money. Put it this way, I was once sat next to someone on licence in the waiting room and the guy was selling drugs and telling customers to wait for him coming out of probation!!! Yes, I kid you not, so yeah, the probation service and all it stands for is a big flop with a massive capital F! Simon.