Teenage Children Of Prisoners - From Anon

My daughter is 14 and is in need of some help. Her Dad was sent in to prison three weeks ago for armed robbery. She says she hates her Dad and will not go and visit him, to which I have had to tell my partner that she will not be visiting him which as distressed him. He chose to put his criminal activity before us, so that is the price he has paid. But our daughter has stopped going out with her friends and I have caught her making herself sick in the toilet. I have managed to get her a doctors appointment this week, but I am finding it so hard to get her some counselling which seems impossible right now. Why don't organisations offer such support? There needs to be an org that deals with these issues so children can get the help they need. I am worried about her and my partners stupidity has put a huge strain on our relationship. I am not sure I want him in my life anymore but that's another story for another time. My main concern right now is our daughter who is finding all this too much to bear. Can you please with hold my name if you decide to put this on your blog. Thanks.