Torn - By Anonymous

Hi there. I was wondering if anyone might be in a similar situation to me or if you can point me in the right direction where I can confide in someone. Please withhold my name and keep me anonymous please. My now ex partner is in prison because he committed a violent assault on me. Our 8 year old son was not around in the house at the time and he does not know that my injuries were caused by his dad. He worships the ground his dad walks on and I am really struggling hard what to tell him. He knows his dad is in prison but thinks he is in prison because he drove his car too fast. I know morally this is wrong but all I want to do is protect him. The thing is, he is asking all the time if he can visit his dad in prison because he said that he has seen programmes on TV where kids visit their dads and prison doesn't seem all that bad. He is asking every single day if he can go and visit him but I cannot take him and his dad doesn't know what I have told our son the reason he is in prison. It's a bit of a mess to say the least and I am anxious all the time. If you can send me a number I can contact for a bit of help I would really be grateful. Thank you Anonymous.

PFV COMMENT: We have sent the lady a few contact numbers and wish her well.