Unfair Family Visit Days - From S

Dear Admin, I found your site through a Google search and think it's fantastic! I am a family member of a prisoner too and would like to say how correct people are regarding family visit days.
I have missed 3 family days because I simply cannot afford to travel all the way to see my partner. Because of this, our 6 year old is missing out. I work hard and I am not entitled to help towards travel ( or so I'm told) so hearing about these fabulous family days is bitter sweet for me I'm afraid.
Families of prisoners hear about all the fabulous work the prison service is doing by arranging family days for both the prisoners and their loved ones, but don't be duped, because there are a lot of us out here that simply cannot attend these lovely days. I won't go down the route of borrowing money from a money lender to attend these days because I have enough on plate trying to pay the bills, but then why should I borrow money so that my 6 year old can see her Dad? The prison service may well do some good work and from what I can see, the families who attend the family visits enjoy them, but there are plenty of us out here that cannot and that is down to the prison service who ship out our partners/loved ones hundreds of miles away without much of an explanation. So thank you for raising this subject because it is about time people knew that the prison service can indeed be awkward and basically punish families and children who are purposely left out of these family day visits. (name supplied)