Where Exactly Are The Campaigns? - From Ursh

                                     More Awareness Needed For Prisoners Families

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I was interested to read the post about those suffering with Alzheimer's and having to cope with a loved one in prison. I agree with everything the person said and would like to ask, where exactly are the campaigns for prisoners families because I never hear about any? Just like children of prisoners, the elderly visitors are as much 'cut off' by society when it comes to maintaining bonds with their loved ones in prison. Yet we very rarely hear about how our elders cope with prison visiting. My Dad suffers from a form of dementia and his son was in prison. During the five years he was inside, he visited his son just twice because he became agitated in the visit room and we had to leave early. The Prison Service do not cater for people with such illnesses and in my humble opinion they bloody well should and their sheer ignorance is disgraceful!
It's about time more awareness was raised! From Ursh (via email)