Breached Prison Licence On Purpose - From Prisoners Mum

Please can I comment on the post about probation hostels. My son has purposely breached his prison licence because the hostel probation recommended he stay in an hostel for his own benefit. The only benefit he got out of staying there was putting up with ex offenders and drug users partying and snorting drugs all night. My son walked out of the hostel and got himself back in to prison to serve the rest of his sentence so that he owes probation nothing and of course he can come back home when his sentence is done and dusted. He did ask his probation officer for a move to another place, but his request was denied. I think the authorities do it on purpose to keep the money coming in because let us face it, empty prison beds do not generate money! I have no time for probation or the system! From Mum of Prisoner.