Giovanni Di Stefano - Diary On The Inside - Part 13

07.04am – What nice weather today, yet again. Have good feeling about the next few days. I will step up the disclosure of vital information these coming days. In the news today it follows that the US has cancelled talks with Russia because Russia has given ‘temporary asylum’ to Snowden rather than extradite him to the US. Talk about babies throwing toys out of the pram!! Have feeling the Julian Assange situation will also break very soon!!! LUNCH: Burger and bun. DINNER: NOTHING 20.41pm – Today in came a so called top mafia Don wanted by Italy for the past nineteen years. He has a seven year sentence that awaits him in Italy. Tomorrow he will go to Court and I guess he will make his own decision but he is a true polite, educated, well mannered gentleman. Prison is a shock for him but so it is for all but it will be ok. When you get over the first week and survive it then it’s really no harder than boarding school!!! No post today! I was rather hoping Sarah Hall would have attended me by now but she has not. I guess I must be patient! Today I tried hard not to think of my family but it’s impossible. I try to work hard so time passes quickly and it will. I saw ‘Angela’ from Border Control today. I will have some information ‘shortly.’ This is just a question of a small amount of time. Have to remember that I am only four months into this job! Have a good feeling action before 20 August!!