Prison Release Is Far More Important? - From Emma

Hi to everyone at PFV. I want to share an issue with you that is pretty annoying at the moment.
I won't mention the magazine in question but I was recently asked to share my story about having a partner in prison. By the time they got around to interviewing me, my partner had been released. Why is it that the media aren't interested in ex offenders and families and are experiencing the difficult home coming of a partner who has been in prison? No one wants to know if they are now released. No offence to anyone but when they are in prison, what can we or anyone else do? When our loved ones get released, believe me, it is the hardest part of the prison journey full stop!!! I have also found a lack of support with other agencies and organisations when approaching them with the difficult times of release. I just think some people have got it all wrong and more support is needed after release rather than when they are in prison. Love Emma xxxx