Son's Dad Is In Prison - From Anon

Please will you not publish my name because I want to remain anonymous please.
My son is nearly 10 and is having problems since his dad was sent in to prison. He is misbehaving at school and is being bullied because all the kids laugh at him because his dad was in the newspaper. The newspaper even stated which street we live on although they didn't print the number of our house. Either way, everyone knew who it was. My son keeps saying he hates his dad (although I know that isn't true) and he has started wetting the bed again which I can only put down to stress. I am having a lot of difficulty trying to find some help for him although the school he goes to are supporting us. When his dad was sent in to prison a lot of people just said that my son would be OK and kids bounce back, but this has not been the case at all. It has effected him a lot and had a profound affect on his emotional well being. He has always been a bubbly lad and seeing him like this breaks my heart. He is very close to his gran but even she cannot coax him around. I am just asking you if you know of anywhere I can get some help for him. You can publish my email but please don't publish my name. Thanks for listening.

PFV COMMENT: We have sent the lady a list of helpful organisations and wish her and her son well.