Keeping Prison A Secret - From 'Jane'

My Nana has just moved in to a residential care home and her son who is my uncle is in prison.
My Nana has all her faculties and even though she is now in residential care wants to still visit her son which I think she is well within her rights to continue seeing him. My Mum however wants to keep the prison issue a secret from the care home and the carers. I understand that it isn't any of the care homes business but my Nana is still able to write very well and sends her sons letters. I want my Nana to live her life freely and not having to hide the fact her son is in prison because what happens if the carers see her writing to him one day? My Nana won't lie and why should she. I think my Mum is being silly but I don't know how to approach her with this?

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