Prison Is Not A Safer Place For Addicts - From Janine

Hey There! Hope you are all doing well. I am glad I have found your site and would like to share a bit of my story with you if that is OK. Please feel free to publish it on your site too.
My daughter is in prison (drugs related) and became addicted to drugs five years ago. She is addicted to heroin. She had a great upbringing and went off the rails. She began to prostitute herself to fund her drug habit and got caught thieving which eventually landed her in prison in the end. I am her Mum and as a Mum, I am glad she is in prison because otherwise I would have been identifying her on a mortuary slab. I am not jumping around because she is in prison, far from it, what I mean to say is that she is safer in there than out on the street selling her body. At least now she can get help with her problem and hopefully knuckle down to a straight life. All the family fully support her and she is fully aware of this. However though, my thoughts of her being in a safer place came crashing down on me just the other day when I went to visit her. I knew just by looking in to her eyes that she had been taking drugs. Believe me, you just know.
This is the first time she has been in prison and as someone with absolutely no knowledge of how prisons are run, I had noticed that she had been asking for more money than usual. Now I know why. How can people tackle their drug problems in a so called safer environment that isn't even supposed to have bloody drugs being passed around? How can Judges honestly send people to prison to 'get help'? By the way that is what the Judge said in my daughters case! It's laughable isn't it! How can families like me support our loved ones with drug problems when the bloody system can't even control illegal substances? Sorry for my language but it makes my blood boil! Has anyone else ever been through this? I would really like someone to chat to about it. Thanks all and hope you are all well. Regards Janine.