Prisoners Families Kept Out Of The Loop - From Worried Mum

Dear Prison Widow. My son is a youth offender and is in a YOI. He has been having a lot of problems recently with depression and the word 'suicide' had been mentioned. The prison was aware of this but would not tell me anything, nor would they allow me to at least speak to the prison chaplain who at least could have put my mind at rest. I was kept in the dark all the time and I was at my wits end not sleeping and eating because I was do worried about him. How the hell can the Prison Service do this to families? OK, my son isn't an angel but he is my son and even just a tiny bit of reassurance from the Prison Service wouldn't have gone amiss. Thankfully he is over the worst and he has been treated well by the prison, but the way they have treated me has made me ill and I think they need to be a lot more compassionate to families. It's just bloody disgusting really! Love to everyone, Worried Mum.