The Prison Service Is Failing Families - From Jean

                                PRISON IS NOT A SAFER PLACE FOR ADDICTS 

I am emailing you about a post I read called, 'prison is not a safer place for addicts.' (above link) 
I am appalled at how the Prison Service still cannot get a grip with drugs that enter their establishments. My son (and I am certainly not proud of what I am about to tell you) has been in prison four times for drug related offences. Each time, the Magistrate sends him down because prison is 'the best place' to get help with his problem. Well it isn't because he seems to use more drugs. Fair enough, it is up to him to get off them, but locked up with a drug user 23 hours a day cannot possibly do him any good when he is sharing a cell with someone using drugs just a stones throw away from him. That is like making an alcoholic live in a pub!
I visit my son along with his partner and we can tell when he's been using. We tell him we know he's been using because his eyes tell the story. How is this helping prisoners families when we are having it drummed in to us that maintaining family ties helps with a prisoners rehabilitation? How can we possibly do it when the Prison Service cannot even get a grip on their prison's? Yours Faithfully, Jean.