Who will support my child? - From Anon

Dear Editor of Prisoners Families Voices. I would like you to publish this on your blog but I don't want my identity to be disclosed, thanks. My son is 8 years old, nearly 9 and we have just found out that his Dad (my ex partner) has been sentenced to 7 years for a sex offence against a woman.
His photo and name was printed in our local newspaper last week and because of this no one will talk to my son at school. They chant at him saying his Dad is a rapist among other terrible things.
My son has started to wet the bed and the other day he ran out of school and turned up home a few hours later. He won't tell me or his teachers (who are very understanding) were he went. I have been split up from his Dad for three years now, but my son always looked up to him and put him on a pedestal. This has turned his world (and mine) upside down. God only knows who we can turn to because I am finding things difficult right now.

PFV COMMENT: We have supplied the person with a list of useful contacts.