Daughter Wants To Go Back To Prison - From Anon

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My daughter was released from prison in September this year and shockingly wants to return to prison. She is depressed and withdrawn and told me she will commit a crime (shoplifting) just to get back inside prison. We talk and we get on and I have asked her why on earth would she want to be locked up again. She just says she's depressed and doesn't want to go back to taking drugs and that prison is the best place for her because out here there is too much temptation. My daughter is not an angel, that is why she ended up in prison in the first place after becoming addicted to drugs and committing offences to fund her drug addiction. Whether you agree with me or not, I was relieved when she was sent to prison because otherwise I am sure she would have been somewhere in the gutter by now. All the family tried to help her but we ended up broken because she would not seek help for her drug problem. We did nothing but try but failed with our attempts. I thought that prison would knock some sense in to her but how wrong was I. She wants to go back? Why on earth would anyone want to go back to prison? What in Gods name is our battered system doing to people? I thought at one point I would lose my daughter to drugs, but never did I think I would lose her to the British Justice System!!! I feel that she honestly prefers prison to her loving family home. I don't know where to turn and me and her Mum are in bits with the whole mess. What worried us the most was that our daughter said prison wasn't as bad as she thought it would be and it was a doddle inside. Surely she is kidding herself because if it isn't that bad and she wants to back there, the Government seriously need to be asking some questions ASAP!!!