Drugs Openly Available In Prison - From Anonymous

Hi There.. I had to nod in agreement with the post that said Jeremy Kyle offers more rehabilitation than the Prison Service. My boyfriend has been in prison (just the once) and has struggled with a drink addiction. When he went to prison, he was thrown in to a cell with someone who was addicted to Brown (Heroin) and became addicted to that after being persuaded by his cell mate that it was good s**t and that it takes away the prison bars. So my boyfriend decided to smoke some, what an idiot. He told me on a visit he had some and that it chilled him out and that he wouldn't take any more, but I have never heard anyone say "Just the once" on Heroin. He came out of prison and I caught him smoking some in our downstairs loo. I went berserk of course and kicked him out. He came back and told me he had stopped smoking Brown. That was a lie because I caught him out again and this time noticed things kept on going missing from the house such as console games I'd bought him. His drinking habit was bad enough but this Heroin addiction just tops it all. He has tried getting an appointment with the local drugs team but the waiting list is approx 8 weeks. I have tried to get some kind of support but can't and the whole thing is just a joke now. No wonder families are turning to the likes of  TV show to get help because there is sod all out here. As for going back to prison to get help, well what would be the point of that when the damn places have drugs on sale in there? A massive percentage of prisoners are drug addicts and go to prison with drugs still openly available to them so what is the point? Prison's aren't places to sort people out, maybe at one time they were, but not anymore. My Boyfriend told me a lot of stories about prison and I was shocked. Talk about goings on in there! The system is a joke and it isn't working that's for sure because you tell me how my Boyfriend gets sent to prison and comes out an Heroin addict addicted to a drug that he never ever previously used before he went to prison. Oh boy I would love to ask our Government that question!!!!!!!!!!