Impossible Prison Visits - From Mum of 2

I am emailing you because I need to get some things off my chest. Please disguise my name please.
My partner is in prison and he was moved from up north to down south. I just cannot manage financially to visit him and because I work I can't get financial support to afford the travel to see him. I'm not being funny, but I was of the impression that the Government were trying to change situations like this? There is so much promotion going on about maintaining family ties yet they do this to people like me? We have a little girl who is 4 and a boy who is 10 and they are suffering at the hands of the Government. I know my partner has done wrong, I am not and never will dispute that, but what exactly have my kids done because in my opinion the system is punishing them and it is not right. Punish my partner by all means but to sentence my kids is just disgusting. I am stressed out to the max right now with everything and giving answers to my kids is impossible. They see programmes on TV where families and children visit their mums and dads in prison and ask me why they can't visit their dad. I really have had!!!!!