No Help For Ex Prisoners? - From Anon

I am an ex prisoner and I have been in prison a lot over the years. I am not looking for sympathy regarding that and don't wish to go in to major detail about my foolishness.
I have been out of prison for 11 months and my last stretch made me think hard about my life and how much of it I have wasted by being an idiot. But it is easier said than done for all these do-gooders who say "get a job and turn your life around." Being an ex prisoner isn't easy and finding a job with a criminal record is bloody hard work. I apply for jobs on a daily basis and haven't even had 1 interview, so maybe I am doing something wrong when it comes to my CV, I don't know, but what has angered me more than anything is the lack of help from probation. I thought they were on board to help ex prisoners? How wrong I am!!! I don't have my own lap top so I go to my sisters and use hers to apply online for jobs and she helps me as much as she can. Maybe the Government should pay her my probation officers wages and have done with it!!!!!!!!