Prisoners Children Should Come First - By Wife Of Prisoner

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I have often thought about prison and maintaining family ties. Whilst I give a big hat tip to those who campaign for such issues, I cannot help thinking that prisoners and their families are a no-go area. What I mean is, in examples such as mine, my husband is in a prison three and a half hours away from home. I work full time so therefore I see little of him because of my work commitments and the lengthy travel that visiting him brings.
We have two children aged 10 and 13. They miss out seeing their Dad too, but I have to work to provide for them and that is the way it goes. We will visit next during December (Xmas time) and this will be the first visit since September when we saw him last. Grayling stated that he wanted prisoners based nearer to home in order for families like mine to benefit. I have heard nothing of the reform as yet and whilst I can cope with not seeing him, my children are finding the separation difficult. If anything, the Government need to open their eyes and put children of prisoners first. But as per usual, they are simply not interested. With regards, Wife of serving prisoner.