Prison Relationships - By Anonymous Reader

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Dear Admin.

I would appreciate it if you don't print my real name.
My long term partner has been in prison for 4 months and has written to me to say that she has met someone else (another woman prisoner) in jail. I am gutted and dumbstruck at the same time.
I visit her every 2 weeks and she has told me this week that she doesn't want to see me again because she has strong feelings for her cell mate. I feel a bit embarrassed writing this but wanted to know if this sort of thing happens a lot? She has never been in prison before and we have been together for nearly 10 years. I have searched online and cannot find anything about this type of thing and it looks like it is a taboo subject but obviously it must happen. I have heard of people in the free world leaving their partners in prison but never the other way round. Please don't publish my name and any support in the right direction would be a big help. Thank you.

PFV COMMENT: We have sent the person a list of support groups and wish him the best.