Prison Release and Family Problems - From Kayla

My hubby came out of prison recently and we have done nothing but argue all the time since he has been home. I thought it was going to be the same happy family we had before he went to prison but it isn't and it is affecting our son. My hubby has only been away for 18 months but he has changed and become selfish. He is asking for money all the time to buy cans of larger which he never used to do before and I am shocked that he has started smoking weed as well although not in the house but even so this is not like him. I got a lot of support online when my hubby was in prison but now he has come home there doesn't seem to be much support for families. The hardest part about prison is living without them for a while and you do adjust to that but I didn't expect the homecoming to be so difficult. Is there any support groups for people like me who are struggling with release from prison?

PFV: If any one knows any good support groups for prison release then let us know please.