Prisoners and Mental Health Illnesses - From Anonymous

To whom this may concern. Hi and thank you for supplying families and ex prisoners with a brilliant site whereas we can contribute and voice our opinions openly. Please if you can keep my name anonymous.
My Brother is in a secure unit at the moment after being moved from prison to a secure unit so that the health services can get to the bottom of his mental health issues. Our family are grateful that the prison services have now recognised that he does have a mental health illness however we are not pleased about the length of time it has taken them to 'decide' that he has an illness despite being given access to his previous medical notes. I am not condoning what he did, but unfortunately a prison officer got a punch off my brother when his mood took a dip. I dare say that this happens frequently within the prison service. I question how many other prisoners are in the wrong facility? Naturally if a person has committed a crime that warrants a prison sentence then that is fair enough. But for those with mental health illnesses, prison is not the right establishment and I was wondering where I could find any information on this topic please? Yours Sincerely Anonymous.