Sandie Blanton

It is with deep sadness to inform our readers that one of the most amazing, courageous and wonderful, activists, Sandie Blanton, passed away suddenly on the 11th December 2013.
Many of our supporters here at Prisoners Families Voices truly admired Sandies work and to say she will be sadly missed is an understatement.
I remember messaging Sandie about writing to someone on Texas death row because I hadn't got a clue what was what. Nothing was too much trouble for Sandie and she guided me through the do's, don'ts, if's, buts, and you name it. I followed Sandie's work and wondered how on earth she managed to do what she did, but she was a real trooper with a solid mind and remarkable spirit. I'm not normally the religious type, but God most definitely made the right decision when he blessed Sandie with the special motivation and gift to support prisoners on death row and boy she didn't let him down either. What we must remember is that all God's Angels come to us disguised.. and now we finally know that Sandie Blanton was in no doubt whatsoever one of them.
Thoughts go out to Sandies children, family and close friends at this sad time.

                      Angels are never too distant to hear you. ~Author Unknown

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