Vanquis Bank Customer Harassment

Dear PFV. Since my partner has been in prison, I have struggled a lot with money, but I am trying so hard to keep up with the bills. I work hard and I keep going. I am writing to you hoping that you print my story. Please. I owe Vanquis Visa £11.00 which I said I will pay next week when I get my monthly wage. Today they have rang my home 12 times and have rang my work 3 times. I work for a funeral company and they know this yet keep harassing me when I told them that I will pay the £11.00 next week. Without going in to any detail, you can imagine the sort of dignified work I do yet the horrid company persists in ringing the funeral home and embarrassing me leaving messages that I need to contact Vanquis ASAP. Please print this because this company needs exposing. Thanks in advance and sorry if this type of email is not allowed.

PFV COMMENT: Where's the customer data protection Vanquis, when you are openly discussing details with employers?