Benefits Street Unfair - From Kaz

Their family say the couple both suffer from learning difficulties - a fact left out of the show.

Hi. I too watch Benefits Street and watched Mark (above) walk the streets for 10 hours doing a commission only job. Now, according to the Mail Online (above link) the couple have learning difficulties which according to the paper has been left out of the show. It doesn't take a mastermind to notice this and I commend Mark for his efforts. How could he have made even a pound walking the area trying to cold sell to those who are basically skint? The guy is slagged off all over the net by people up their own arses who have never been in their predicament. Same goes for mindless morons who slag off families of prisoners. I work full time by the way and in this economy I feel lucky to have a minimum wage job. If Mark Thomas was given the chance, the guy I think would work and work hard. It's funny how TV programme's like this seem to leave out vital info, just like they do when they give their viewers bull crap about prison programmes. Not everyone sponges off the state and I would stand my ground with any whinging tax payer and tell them my story before I got my life sorted out and got a job. It just annoys me.