Benefits Street - Written By Shel

Like thousands of people, I watch Benefits Street on Channel 4 every Monday night.
There has been a lot of controversy about it, but my street is the same as James Turner Street and there are hundreds more of them in the UK. In my street, there are approx 50 houses. Out of the 50 houses, there are about 8 people that work. Out of the 50 houses, there are 6 women whose partners are in prison. Yes! Straight up! Out of the 50 houses, there are a dozen immigrants. Out of 50 houses there is an handful of youth offenders on court orders/probation and out of the 50 houses, there are piss heads sat on their walls drinking every night no matter what the weather. As for privately rented houses, well the landlords I have spoken to have told me that they prefer those on benefits in their houses because they are guaranteed housing benefit payments. The way the public are talking about James Turner Street it is as if they think that this street is the only dysfunctional street in the UK. Trust me it isn't and Cameron and his crew need to do a tour and open their eyes instead of avoiding the situation because when the Universal Credit comes in to full swing, cardboard box manufacturers will be in the money because it just will. Oh I almost forgot, out of the 50 houses, the majority of people smoke weed. There is no such thing as broken Britain, the country is shattered!!!!!!!!!!