Hi All. The good news is that my partner has stayed out of trouble and even better news is that he is now employed!!! I know this is only the beginning but it is one massive leap. My partner has been in prison for most of his life and I mean most of his life. He was addicted to heroin and alcohol and I started to write to him in 2010. I knew him from school and we got together whilst he was in prison much to my families shock. I have supported him and believe it or not so have probation which might come as a shock to your readers because there has been some negative pots about them, but I thought I would give them some praise because they really have helped him and me for that matter. My partner started off working a few days a week for an agency and the company he worked for via the agency took him on themselves full time just before xmas. He loves his job and is working hard and grabbing any overtime that is on offer. He was up front about his past with his employers and they appreciated his honesty. It was a gamble telling them but my partner felt he should and it paid off. I will stay in touch and let everyone know how he/we are getting on and I just want to say that you are all fab at PFV! Big hugs H.