Grayling You Are Full Of it - By A Mum ( post contains strong language)

Please don't publish my real name. I think the British Justice System imprisons children. I agree that those who commit crime should face punishment, but the main part of the punishment is punishing innocent children of prisoners. My ex is serving a prison sentence for robbery and has been in prison now for 2 years. We split up when I found out he was using class A drugs. Whilst he has been in prison, he has been doing well and has been addressing these issues. The bottom line is, if he is still using the drugs, he doesn't see his son and I stand by what I say. I have taken my son to visit him and things have been going well. I am a tough love person and if I see any evidence that my ex has taken drugs, I won't visit and it is as simple as that. My Dad was a drug user and believe me I have seen some awful things and I don't want my son growing up seeing his Dad like that. Trust me, I know if my ex has taken any drugs during a visit. The thing is, during our family rehabilitation process, the prison service decided to ship my ex out to another prison hours away. I cannot afford to continue maintaining ties because I do not have the money to fork out for the travel. I do not qualify for any help towards the cost because I work full time and do not claim working tax credits and the rest of it. Pardon my French, but I am fu*king pissed off that the prison service has basically punished my son by shipping his Dad out. If you think that they haven't punished my son then you are deluded + 10. What they have done is made it near on impossible for my son and his Dad to bond and get to know each other without my ex being under the influence of drugs. This bull shit is enough to drive my ex back on to drugs because he knows that I cannot afford to take his son to visit him, therefore the family rehabilitation process is broken. How can the likes of Mr Grayling justify this when he spouts his mouth off about how important it is for families to maintain ties in order to reduce re-offending? Sorry and all that, but for those lovely people who support prisoners families, you are just being fed bull shit by the Government and they are making you a laughing stock. The next time they hand out awards to charities and organisations, think of my son who they have taken the piss out of by imprisoning him miles and miles away from a Dad he wants to get to know and rebuild a relationship with.