Keeping Prison Visits Under Manners - By Jennifer

With the recent disturbances at HMP Oakwood, I thought I'd add my opinion on prisoners and their families. My husband to be is not in HMP Oakwood, but he is in a prison in the UK.
Me and my children are treated reasonably well when we visit but the atmosphere is dreadful. My children age 9 and 13 don't like going and the noise and hustle of small children running around all over the room is chaos. Our visits are a headache and they are not constructive in the slightest bit.
Last week, we had a little boy hanging around our table asking for sweets whilst his young Mum was looking in to the eyes of her prisoner partner. I don't begrudge that because obviously she is missing him etc etc, but what I do mind is prison officers not getting a grip with the situation and keeping certain families under manners whilst the rest of us have a decent visit. I travel a long way to spend little time with my husband to be and the whole thing is becoming too stressful for me and the children. Does anyone else have this problem?