Ex Offenders and CV's - From Anonymous

Hey there. I've just found your site and its brill. I've just read the post about ex offenders trying to find work and I am made up that some have found jobs and well done. My boyfriend has been out of prison for about 16 months and is really struggling to find a job. He has a really bad past and is well known in our area for being a bad lad. The thing is, he has now sorted himself out and 16 months is the longest he has been out of prison. I know that sounds bad but it is the truth. He did find a temporary job in a local produce factory but a few people knew of his past and told the bosses who then laid him off straight away. This has knocked his confidence and he says that he is unemployable. His probation officer has told him to look for work further a field and out of our area which I suppose is a good idea and would be for the best. The other problem is gaps in his CV because he has never had a job in his life (he is 33) so his CV as you can imagine is dire. He has done courses in prison and his probation officer has told him to write them down on his CV and he doesn't have to say where he took the courses (in prison) so that is one good thing. But we are struggling with the gaps because how do people like my boyfriend fill in those gaps when they have spent most of their life's in prison? My boyfriend can't be the only person in this predicament so if there are any people out there reading this can you please let us know how you got around this problem because surely it is a big problem for a lot of people. Thanks very much. Anonymous.

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