Ex Offenders With No Work History - From SB

                                                  EX OFFENDERS AND CV'S 


Hello. I am replying the post bout ex offenders and CV's. I am an ex offender/prisoner and I have been through the mill and back concerning employment. Prison likes to thrust rehabilitation down your neck, but what they don't focus on is people like myself who at the age of 13 to 30, spent most of my life locked up. Ask any support worker and rehabilitation worker what to put on your CV and they avoid the subject like the plague. You might not like or agree with what I am going to say next but the only chance I had of getting a job and getting myself on the right track was tell fibs on my CV. I know it's wrong and all that, but in this day and age, even straight headed law abiding citizens glam up their CV's to get a job. It's desperate times and you only have to watch the likes of Benefit Street on Channel 4 to get the picture. If I stood in a line with 40 law abiding citizens who have a history of employment, I wouldn't even get a look in with a job interview if I was completely honest about my past convictions. I have never applied for any work that involves a CRB check because that would be just plain silly when all said and done. Probation managed to get me on a fork-lift course and I worked hard to accomplish going straight and getting on to the employment ladder. The list of courses I did in prison came in handy for my CV but my employment history was blank with a capital B. No employer on this earth would not ask you why you haven't worked in an interview. So you tell me how ex offenders get around that because I do not know anyone or any organisation that can give me an answer - comments welcome by the way if there are professionals with an answer. Do I invent work history or do I live on benefits for the rest of my life? I am in employment now and I work as a fork lift truck driver for a large warehouse company. I am doing well and I love the straight life although stressful at times because I am now living in the real world. But I am enjoying it. So, I will ask the question again, are there any professionals that can answer my question as regards to a blank work history on a CV? Like I said, it's either benefits or employment and I wanted the latter. Regards SB.

Thanks to Stu for helping the above poster with his letter to us.The person gave his permission for it to be edited.