Families and Prison Release - From Amanda

Dear ED. I would like to respond to a post about coping with release from prison. My partner served a 12 year prison sentence and he has been back home since 2011. I absolutely nod my head in agreement with the maintaining family ties thing. It's OK people spouting off about how important it is to maintain these ties with loved ones in prison, but what happens when the prison sentence is over with? Prison changes a prisoner, and prison changes those waiting on the outside. Like many of your readers, I became independent and like many of their loved ones, they became withdrawn when back at home. How does maintaining family ties during a prison sentence contribute to their release? I go to work, he hasn't got a job. I come home from work to find him on the same console game when I left for work and not a thing done in the house because he says he feels depressed because he can't find a job and that prison sent him crazy. I try to talk to him about it but he says he doesn't want to talk about prison at all. He's had his job seekers allowance sanctioned because he didn't turn up on his back to work focus session and if I didn't take him myself, he would have been breached by probation a dozen times. So you tell me how maintaining family ties whilst your loved one in prison is relevant for some of us? I haven't come across one support group yet that strongly focuses on release from prison. It's all about supporting families with loved ones IN prison.