Gormless Gove Pledges 10-Hour School Days

State schools should operate 10-hour days to boost standards so they are indistinguishable from private schools, the Education Secretary has said. Children should also sit private school-style Common Entrance exams at the age of 13 to make sure that they are "on track for later success". Delivering a keynote speech at the London Academy of Excellence, Michael Gove said he wanted the country's schools to be among the best in the world and that the "Berlin Wall" between state and private schools must be torn down. He also said teachers should be willing to use disciplinary measures such as detentions, line-writing and litter-picking to combat poor behaviour. Hailing the achievements of academies and free schools, which are already able to run longer school days, Mr Gove said he would be providing resources to allow all state schools to extend the day.

                                                         Easier said than done!