Hitting Home Hard - From Anonymous

Hi. I wrote to you some months ago about my brother in prison and our Nana who had dementia. She passed away 2 weeks ago and the prison wouldn't allow my brother to be at the care home when she passed away. Her death was quite sudden has she deteriorated fast so it was a shock to us all. My brother is gutted and is now riddled with guilt because if he hadn't had done a stupid thing, he could have been with her when she died. Committing a crime has hit home hard for him and I dare say many prisoners have been in a similar situation when it comes to something like this. It is looking doubtful that he can even attend her funeral. I think this is harsh because Nana brought us both up and was like a Mother to us. I think the prison service should take this in to consideration but I am not holding my breath as I have been told a lot of prisoners have been denied the rights to go to their grandparents funerals. It takes something like this to realize that prison really is just a mugs game.