Not Coping With Prison Release - From Elsa

Hi to all. My hubby was released from jail 3 weeks ago and as a family we are not coping. Everything was OK when he was in prison. Me and the kids went to see him every other weekend and we all supported each other very well under the circumstances. Since he's been home, all he wants to do is lie on his bed, smoke, and play on his gaming system. He also keeps saying that I cheated on him because I decorated the bedroom and got us a new bed. He is grumpy and bad tempered and he has never been like that in his life. He has always been a very placid person. Maybe this a phase he's going through after spending time in prison, I really don't know, but the atmosphere is awful at the moment. I was not prepared for this at all. Maybe I have been a bit naive thinking everything was going to be plain sailing etc. Our kids are 12 (twins) and he is fine with them and just seems like it is me is he being off hand with. Has anyone else ever written in to you with the same problems I am wondering? Please don't publish my name. Thanks in advance.