Prison, Rehabilitation, Jobs and Family Ties - From Mr Mister

Dear Editor (Prisoners Families Voices)

Hi and hope you are all well. My Wife often sent me print outs of your site whilst I was in prison and I thoroughly enjoyed its content. I am now home with my family after serving a long term sentence in prison. If I may, I would like to comment on some of the issues raised on your site, mainly being rehabilitation and employment. To begin with, Prison do not know the correct meaning of rehabilitation. Neither do they understand how important it is for prisoners and families to strengthen ties. Many Government bodies drone on about it, but fail to recognise it. When I was first sentenced, my Wife gave birth whilst I was inside. The Prison decided it was a great idea to ship me out hours away from home hence making it virtually impossible for my Wife to bring our child to see me. Of course it was my fault for being in prison in the first place, but our child wasn't born a criminal and did not ask for this to happen. Whenever I hear or read about maintaining family relationships, I laugh, because it is the biggest load of rubbish spoken. Secondly, I would like to comment on the employment issue. Prison think that sending inmates on courses rehabilitates them. Ask to see your inside Probation Officer for some support and see how far you get. You either have to wait weeks or they have conveniently forgot about you. That is how it is, or at least it was where I was housed. Rehabilitation does not exist in prison, it is a fabricated word. Why would the System lock up criminals and rehabilitate them to lose money? Cell beds with no bodies in them do not make money. Prison Officers who frown upon those they lock up would not be employed if it wasn't for criminals. Maybe they should hug us and give us a pat on the back considering we are paying their bills! The truth is, Prison does not prepare you for employment. They would rather have you back on the wing than paying the tax man. However, I have no intentions of 'working for HMP again' making them money. I have completed my CV. I have filled in those blank spaces and I have a few interviews in the pipeline. Like thousands of other people in the UK, I am fighting for a job and I cannot afford to leave my CV blank. Call it deceitful or whatever you want to call it, I really couldn't care less. Ask your local MP's if honesty exists in our country today. One person said to me the other day, " There are jobs out there if you look hard enough." I tend to agree if you aren't fussy how you make a living, therefore I will get one of these jobs and edge my bets with a glowing CV in order to obtain one. My Wife supported me throughout my sentence and the system made it very difficult for her to do that. Now it's my turn to give something back and if I have to scribble a fairy tale on a CV to do it, then so be it. Thanks for providing a superb platform for prisoners and their families. You have one of the best around!
Kind Regards, Mr Mister.