Culture Change? - From Kim

Dear Sir or Madam. I went to visit my partner in prison on Friday night and sat in the visitors centre. Everyone got on with what they were doing and the kids seemed to be comfortable with everything. Young Mum's went to the toilet and freshened themselves up, spraying perfume and putting on lipstick to get ready to see their boyfriends. I hate to say this but looking at the future culture, I cannot see any need for prisoners families groups and was wondering exactly what their need would be. I know people who run your blog and other groups work very hard supporting people, but we have entered a culture change and when I talk to other people, they do not seem shocked or stunned when I tell them my partner is in prison as most of them reply that they too know someone who is or has been in prison. You might disagree with me on this, and there are probably quite a few people needing support, but eventually this will fizzle out in years to come. I am not saying that prison is the norm or anything like that, I am just observing a few things when I visit prison. Most of the problems I have had have been centered around my partner and his issues in prison which I am totally powerless to do anything about because if you write to the prison they never ever reply anyway. Sorry, it's just my opinion on things after I looked around and saw what I saw. From Kim.