Cyber Bullying - Friend Under Attack

or the past year now I have been voluntarily giving my time to a cause that I see and deem to be a just one. I am the sole editor of the and have written a number of stories of which I have proof to their worthiness. Over the past few months I have come under incredible cyber-attacks and my personal health and safety have been threatened. The attacks have included accusations that I work for Giovanni Di Stefano aka ‘the devil’s advocate’. Let it be known now that I work for no man, I volunteer my time to do this as I believe in the power of the press and the freedom of information that it brings. I have just stumbled across on twitter an account @Carolinebayfor1 of someone impersonating to be me. Given the language that is used in the chain of tweets and the arrogant use of capital letters I can only understand that it is the same people that has been threatening my health and safety by cyber-attack. Today I attended, again, my local police station and made them aware of this as these people have threatened to come to my home. I also made them aware of the persons I believe who are responsible and have come to the conclusion that the people responsible for these malicious attacks and threats are the same people whose IP addresses I was conveniently able to locate. The association I make between the IP addresses and their location leave only one obvious conclusion, in sharing information via the site I must be doing something right or as the Americans might call it ‘the greater good’. The twitter page actually made me laugh a little bit it makes references to myself in the third person, stating I suffer from mental illness, am a raging alcoholic and am in the mist of chronic depression. When attacks become this personal we must have rattled someone’s cage. Furthermore the fact the cage rattled has not contacted the police about what they are offended by, must mean there is truth as one famous phrase quite rightly said ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’. Also they have gone as far as creating a website in my name – thank you for letting me have your details.