Grayling Is So Out Of Touch! - From Janine

Justice minister says rules introduced as part of rehabilitation regime designed to curb number of parcels prisoners receive

Hi PFV! Good Lord, this man is so out of touch! Does Chris Grayling ever visit prisons? The prison in which my husband is in does not allow any damn parcels full stop! They receive letters and cards off their families because clothes, books, and food are all ordered internally! My husband's newspapers are ordered from a reputable newsagent used by the prison and his snacks are ordered from canteen. He has a catalogue in which he orders footwear and shoes and even then he doesn't receive letters as such from me because I use emailaprisoner.  The only thing I send my husband in is greeting cards! The man is telling the public lies and therefore people need to be told that PRISONERS DO NOT RECEIVE PARCELS! Or at least they don't where my husband is!