Grayling Punishing Prisoners Who Cannot Read? - From Lee

I'm another ex con who would like his two pennies worth please. I have recently been released from a CAT B prison and Grayling is a liar. No parcels were allowed or have been allowed at that prison for the three years I served there. Maybe parcel bans from the outside have been banned for much longer I don't know, but everything we needed had to be ordered from inside. In Grayling's article in the Daily Mail Online which I read on your site, he claims that a ban on books will decrease the amount of drugs that land in prison. OK, I won't beat about the bush, and talking of bush, I smoked it a few times when I was inside but I will tell you all this much, it didn't come from the outside/families etc, so I will leave you with that thought as to where it came from shall I. As for Grayling's rehabilitation reform he is banging on about, he stops books from coming in yet he knows as do the powers that be, that there are hundreds of prisoners who cannot read or write. That is FACT. SO therefore Grayling is in fact denying prisoners to rehabilitate by taking away their tools, books. I have been inside three times and I have helped some prisoners in my spare time to read and write and they cannot learn to read without a ******* book! Apologies for my language but the man is an absolute idiot who does not know what the word rehabilitation means. Rant over. Lee.