HMP Bronzefield At It Again!

hi my partner is currantly serving in hmp bronzefield. i have had many visits and majority have been ok, on a visit about 2 weeks ago a prison warden made my visit unbareable to the fact i left as my partner was told not to say hello to another inmate an spoken to like crap! absolutely gutted an reduced to tears i no longer feel comfortable visiting knowing this officer may be on visits, a few others complained but i have had no call back or appology. keeping the officers name quite as other officers said if i complained it wouldn look good for my partner an will effect future visits. is that a threat? any advise would be appreciated.

PFV COMMENT: OK, so this prison is at it again! Time to send off another email. For everyone's information, this prison appears to be one of the most complained about and we often get these types of emails from our readers. Watch this space!