It's an eye opener - By Ex Offender Dan

Dear Blog Editor. My name is Dan and I am an ex-prisoner. It took me nearly 2 years to find a job but I persisted and eventually I got a chance.
It was very very hard and I won't lie, I very nearly went off the rails again because I felt there was no hope. The struggles on the out is what prison doesn't tell you and 'find a job, 'find a job' is what is drummed in to your head when you are inside because basically what else can they really say? I was a drug addict when I went in to prison and took no notice at all of how people struggled to make ends meet and how the country was on an economic downfall. To be very honest with you, I didn't give a sh*t about anything that went on around me. I had a good education, can read and write and even left college with a nice file of qualifications, but I chose Heroin and that brown stuff became my life. I didn't take any interest at all of what was going on in the news and how bad the unemployment rate was, so throwing someone in to prison with an head like mine at the time and trying to tell me to get a job when I got released sounded pretty easy enough to me .But Straight headed and back out in to the real world was an eye opener!!! Eventually and I mean eventually, after hundreds of knock back applications, someone gave me a chance and I am doing well, still off the drugs and liking working and earning a wage. I have read some brilliant stories on your blog and would like to end by saying well done for publishing issues prisoners and their families face. For all the ex offenders who are still up against it finding a job, stick at it and all the best. Cheers, Dan