More Support? - From JJ

I am replying to Kim's post, Culture Change.
I have a hubby in prison and I know what she means in the sense that no one can really do a lot for us and the help for prisoners children is dire. I visit my hubby a lot and I have seen a few distressing things in the visitors room. I have seen screws jumping on visitors because they have brought drugs in and I have seen people physically ill in there. I got a bit emotional with the post from a serving prisoner which I think is brilliant by the way and looking forward to his next post tomorrow. I have seen cancer patients on prison visits and they get no compassion whatsoever where I visit. The screws are arrogant and I get on with none of them. I don't wanna be their best pals or anything but a bit of politeness wouldn't go a miss, but I've stopped trying to smile now so that's that. We, families, do get on with it because we haven't any choice so I get Kim's view on that. I plod on with it because I am old enough to understand but in my opinion, kids, elderly and innocent prisoners families should get more support because there is none. Rant over :-) love JJ