Prison guards find mobile phone in hollow Weetabix

Several of the Weetabix had been hollowed out to fit the mobile phone along the centre. Credit: Ministry of JusticePrison guards found a mobile phone hidden in a box of hollowed out Weetabix.Several of the breakfast cereal biscuits had been cut through the middle leaving a hollow where the phone was stashed.The phone and doctored cereal were then carefully repackaged before being sent to a prisoner.

COMMENT: Prison officers find a mobile phone in hollowed out Weetabix sent to a prisoner. It's odd how this story is released just at the time there is a big row about the MoJ banning prisoners' friends and families from sending them books because, the MoJ say, drugs and mobile phones can be hidden in books. This story is particularly odd since no prisoner is or was allowed to have any food sent in to them. Any food or treats must be bought from the prison shop, or 'canteen'.