Prison Officer On Dementia - From Anonymous

Dear Editor. I am a prison custody officer and I read your brilliant blog nearly every day. I take my job role very seriously and I care a lot about issues that prisoners families have. One issue in particular that interested me was the many posts about dementia. I have actually been in that situation where a family member (whilst visiting) became very distressed in the visits room and the gentleman's daughter explained to me that her Father was suffering with dementia. I have since researched dementia and it is frightening how more and more people (including younger individuals) are developing this terrible illness. I can inform you that the prison officers I work with have had no training concerning this illness, therefore it is sometimes difficult for us to establish whether or not a distressed person during a prison visit has the illness unless we are informed. The posts on your blog are absolutely brilliant and a topic I feel the Prison Service should address most definitely. Thank you for such great information that really cannot be obtained from other organisations has they do not cover such issues. If you could, please keep my name and details anonymous. Thank you again.